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英音 [mɑ:sk] 美音 [mæsk]


n. 面具;假面具;用作掩饰的事物;护肤膜;

vt. 掩饰;戴面具;用面具遮住,掩盖,掩饰;

vi. 戴面具;隐瞒,掩饰;


  1. a covering to disguise or conceal the face

  2. activity that tries to conceal something;

    "no mask could conceal his ignorance"
    "they moved in under a mask of friendship"

  3. a party of guests wearing costumes and masks

  4. a protective covering worn over the face

  1. hide under a false appearance;

    "He masked his disappointment"

  2. put a mask on or cover with a mask;

    "Mask the children for Halloween"

  3. make unrecognizable;

    "The herb masks the garlic taste"
    "We disguised our faces before robbing the bank"

  4. cover with a sauce;

    "mask the meat"

  5. shield from light

damask n. 缎子,锦缎;
facemask [医]面罩,面具;
masked adj. 戴面具的;化妆的;隐蔽的;[医]潜伏的,不明的; v. 伪装;mask的过去式和过去分词;
masker n. (尤指参加假面舞会的)戴面具者;
masking n. 化装; v. 用面具遮住,掩盖,掩饰( mask的现在分词 );
unmask vt. 除去(某人的)面具,使(某人或某事)露出真相,揭露;

system mask 系统屏蔽;
photographic mask 照相掩模;
gas mask n. 防毒面具;
isolated mask 绝缘防毒器;
diffracting mask 衍射幕;
byte mask 字节屏蔽;
resist mask 抗蚀剂掩模;
program mask 程序掩蔽;
edit mask 编辑掩码;
inlay mask 插入遮片,插入罩片;
professional mask 专业面具;
metal mask 金属掩模[模片,屏蔽];
mask resolution 掩模清晰度;
corrugated mask 多孔障板;
mask detection 掩模检查;
anaesthetic mask 麻醉面罩;
mask mode [医]蒙片方式;
smoke mask 防烟面罩;
mask register 时标寄存器,计时寄存器;
oxygen mask n. (供人吸氧时用的)氧气面罩;
work mask 工宗模;
rejection mask 金属膜掩蔽;