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英音 [kwɪk] 美音 [kwɪk]


adj. 快的,急速的;聪明的,凌厉的;灵活的;短时间做成的;

adv. 迅速地,快速地;

n. (指甲下的)活肉;感情的中枢,感觉最敏锐的地方;要害,核心;


  1. any area of the body that is highly sensitive to pain (as the flesh underneath the skin or a fingernail or toenail)

  1. accomplished rapidly and without delay;

    "was quick to make friends"
    "his quick reaction prevented an accident"
    "hoped for a speedy resolution of the problem"
    "a speedy recovery"
    "he has a right to a speedy trial"

  2. hurried and brief;

    "paid a flying visit"
    "took a flying glance at the book"
    "a quick inspection"
    "a fast visit"

  3. moving quickly and lightly;

    "sleek and agile as a gymnast"
    "as nimble as a deer"
    "nimble fingers"
    "quick of foot"
    "the old dog was so spry it was halfway up the stairs before we could stop it"

  4. apprehending and responding with speed and sensitivity;

    "a quick mind"
    "a ready wit"

  5. performed with little or no delay;

    "an immediate reply to my letter"
    "a prompt reply"
    "was quick to respond"
    "a straightaway denial"

  6. easily aroused or excited;

    "a quick temper"
    "a warm temper"

  1. with little or no delay;

    "the rescue squad arrived promptly"
    "come here, quick!"

quicken vt.& vi. (使)变快;增速;鼓舞;使复活; vt. 苏醒;使有生机;
quickie n. <口>迅速做成的事;匆匆做成的事;(酒的)一饮而尽;草草完事的性交; adj. 快的,草率的,匆忙做的;
quicklime n. 生石灰;
quicksand n. 流沙,敏捷,危险而捉摸不定的事物;悬浮体;流砂;
quickset n. 树篱,构成树篱的植物,插条;
quicksilver adj. <文>变化[移动]极快的,瞬息万变的;水银;
quickstep n. 快步,快速进行曲,轻快的舞步;

Quick adj. 快的,急速的;聪明的,凌厉的;灵活的;短时间做成的; adv. 迅速地,快速地; n. (指甲下的)活肉;感情的中枢,感觉最敏锐的地方;要害,核心;
quick capital 流动资本;
quick-witted adj. 富有机智的,机敏的;乖;
quick march n. 齐步行进;齐步走;
quick block 快挡;
double-quick n. 跑步,快步; adj. 快速的,快步进行;
quick sketch 速写;
quick one 匆匆喝下的酒;
quick silver 水银,汞;
quick dispatch 快速装卸;
quick-fire adj. 速射的;
quick time quick 快速;
quick disconnection [计] 快速断开;
quick fence 绿篱;
quick-dissolving [医]速溶的;
quick access [计] 快速存取,立即存取;
quick heater [医]快速加热器;
quick phase 急速相;
quick connector 快速联接器;
quick-firer n. 速射炮;
quick lime 生石灰;
quick-replaceable 快速更换的;