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英音 [ʃi:t] 美音 [ʃit]


n. 纸;被单;一张(通常指标准尺寸的纸);一大片(覆盖物);表格;

vt. 用(床单等)包裹;用(床单等)掩盖;用缭绳调节(或固定);给…铺床单;

vi. 成片展开,成片流动;

adj. (金属材料)制成薄板(或薄片)的,扎制成片的,片状的;


  1. any broad thin expanse or surface;

    "a sheet of ice"

  2. paper used for writing or printing

  3. bed linen consisting of a large rectangular piece of cotton or linen cloth; used in pairs

  4. (mathematics) an unbounded two-dimensional shape;

    "we will refer to the plane of the graph as the X-Y plane"
    "any line joining two points on a plane lies wholly on that plane"

  5. newspaper with half-size pages

  6. a flat artifact that is thin relative to its length and width

  7. (nautical) a line (rope or chain) that regulates the angle at which a sail is set in relation to the wind

  8. a large piece of fabric (usually canvas fabric) by means of which wind is used to propel a sailing vessel

  1. come down as if in sheets;

    "The rain was sheeting down during the monsoon"

  2. cover with a sheet, as if by wrapping;

    "sheet the body"

bakersheet n. 接油盘;
broadsheet n. 宽幅印刷品(如报纸、广告等);
clipsheet n. 报刊等只印一面;
flysheet n. 广告传单,传单;
foresheet n. 前桅帆的帆脚索,无盖船艇的前面座位;
mainsheet n. 主帆索;
sheeting n. 被单料子,护墙板;制薄板;
spreadsheet n. 电子表格程序;

tube sheet 管板;
tip sheet n. 内情报告;
bracing sheet 加强板;
grouping sheet 综合表;
charger sheet 配料单,装料单;
tin sheet 锡板,锡片;
electrical sheet 电气钢板;
filter sheet 滤板;
magnesium sheet 镁片;
decorative sheet 装饰板;
intrinsic sheet 本征晶片;
fluted sheet 波纹钢板;
sheet wheel 薄片砂轮;
sheet stackers 垛板机;
delete sheet [计] 删除工作表;
pressed sheet 压制的板材;
sheet cutter 平板切纸机;
specimen sheet 样张;
coupon sheet 息票;


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