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英音 [pʊə(r)] 美音 [pʊr]


adj. 贫穷的,贫乏的;令人怜悯的,可怜的;匮乏的;低劣的;

n. the poor 贫困者,穷人;


  1. people without possessions or wealth (considered as a group);

    "the urban poor need assistance"

  1. deserving or inciting pity;

    "a hapless victim"
    "miserable victims of war"
    "the shabby room struck her as extraordinarily pathetic"
    "piteous appeals for help"
    "pitiable homeless children"
    "a pitiful fate"
    "Oh, you poor thing"
    "his poor distorted limbs"
    "a wretched life"

  2. having little money or few possessions;

    "deplored the gap between rich and poor countries"
    "the proverbial poor artist living in a garret"

  3. characterized by or indicating poverty;

    "the country had a poor economy"
    "they lived in the poor section of town"

  4. lacking in specific resources, qualities or substances;

    "a poor land"
    "the area was poor in timber and coal"
    "food poor in nutritive value"

  5. not sufficient to meet a need;

    "an inadequate income"
    "a poor salary"
    "money is short"
    "on short rations"
    "food is in short supply"
    "short on experience"

  6. unsatisfactory;

    "a poor light for reading"
    "poor morale"
    "expectations were poor"

poorhouse n. 贫民院;
poorish adj. 不大好的;
poorly adv. 穷困地;差劲地;看不起地; adj. 身体不舒服的;健康欠佳的;
spoor n. (动物的)足迹,臭迹;

poor market 滞销;
poor visibility 不良视界,显示距离不足,不良视度;
poor crop 欠收;
poor mark 不及格分数;
poor farm n. 救济农场;
poor penetration 未焊透;
poor geometry 不良几何条件;
poor stick 没有活力的人;
poor-spirited adj. 无气力的,懦弱的;
poor relation n. 无名小卒,微不足道的人,微不足道的东西;
poor separation 不良分离,不清晰分离;
poor antigen [医]弱抗原;
poor mixture 劣混合料,劣质混合物,稀混合气;
poor-mouth v. 哭穷,(谈及自己时)谦卑地说,说…的坏话;
poor gas 贫气;
poor bond 粘结不良;
visibility poor 能见度不定;
poor products 劣品;
poor house 贫民院;
poor alignment [医]排列不良;
blood-poor [医]血小板;


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