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英音 [ˈevri] 美音 [ˈɛvri]


det. 每个;每;所有可能的;充足的;


  1. (used of count nouns) each and all of the members of a group considered singly and without exception;

    "every person is mortal"
    "every party is welcome"
    "had every hope of success"
    "every chance of winning"

  2. each and all of a series of entities or intervals as specified;

    "every third seat"
    "every two hours"

everybody pron. 每人,人人;大伙儿;各位;
everyday adj. 日常的,平常的;普通的;每天的;经常;
everyone pron. 每人,人人;
everyplace adv. 到处,各处;
everything pron. 每件事物;最重要的东西;(有关的)一切;万事;
everywhere adv. 到处,处处,无论什么地方;四下里;漫;匝地;
thievery n. 偷窃,<古>赃物;

every inch adv. 彻底;
every one n. 每个;
every moment 时时刻刻;
every last 每一个,全部;
every other 所有其他的人[事];隔,间;
every-way adv. 在每一方面,全然,无论怎样看;
every bit n. 每一点,完全;
every time 无论何时,任何时候;
every day 每天;日;天天;逐日;
every other day adv. 每隔一天,每隔一天[两天];三日两头;
every variety of form 各种形式;
every hour [医]每小时;
every other... 每隔…,所有其他…;
every year 每一年;年年;
make every effort 作出努力;多方设法;
on every hand 从各个方面;