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英音 [tu:θ] 美音 [tuθ]


n. 牙;齿;齿状部份;

vt. 给…装齿;

vi. 啮合;


  1. hard bonelike structures in the jaws of vertebrates; used for biting and chewing or for attack and defense

  2. something resembling the tooth of an animal

  3. toothlike structure in invertebrates found in the mouth or alimentary canal or on a shell

  4. a means of enforcement;

    "the treaty had no teeth in it"

  5. one of a number of uniform projections on a gear

bucktooth n. 獠牙,龅牙;
dogtooth n. 犬齿;犬牙;齿饰;犬牙饰;
eyetooth n. 上尖牙,上犬齿,犬齿;
snaggletooth n. 断齿;
toothache n. 牙痛,牙疼;
toothbrush n. 牙刷;
toothed adj. 有齿的,锯齿状的;
toothless adj. 无齿的;
toothpaste n. 牙膏;
toothpick n. 牙签;
toothpowder 牙粉;
toothsome adj. 可口的,美味的,好看的;
toothwort 石芥花(属);
toothy adj. 露出牙齿的,多齿的;

face tooth 端面铣刀齿,端面齿;
epidermal tooth 表皮牙,表皮齿;
perforated tooth 有孔锯齿;
pleodont tooth 实齿;
tooth crown 齿轮轮周;
fore-tooth n. 前齿,门齿;
tooth error 齿形误差;
supraoral tooth 上口齿;
stub tooth 短齿;
dermal tooth 真牙,真齿;
stopping tooth 限动齿;
tooth key [医] 拔牙键;
pharyngeal tooth 咽头齿;
submerged tooth 牙下沉;
solid tooth 实齿;
extracted tooth [医]拔掉的牙;
tooth depression [医]牙内突;
internal tooth 内齿;
Hutchinson tooth 哈钦森牙;
external tooth 外齿;
milk tooth n. 乳齿;


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