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英音 [ˈfrendli] 美音 [ˈfrɛndli]


adj. 友好的,亲密的;有帮助的;互助的;

adv. 友好地,朋友般地;


  1. troops belonging to or allied with your own military forces;

    "friendlies came to their rescue"

  1. characteristic of or befitting a friend;

    "friendly advice"
    "a friendly neighborhood"
    "the only friendly person here"
    "a friendly host and hostess"

  2. inclined to help or support; not antagonistic or hostile;

    "a government friendly to our interests"
    "an amicable agreement"

  3. easy to understand or use;

    "user-friendly computers"
    "a consumer-friendly policy"
    "a reader-friendly novel"

  4. of or belonging to your own country's forces or those of an ally;

    "in friendly territory"
    "he was accidentally killed by friendly fire"

unfriendly adj. 不友好的,有敌意的;冷漠的;不利的;(气候)不宜人的;

friendly match n. 友谊赛;
eco-friendly adj. 对生态环境友好的,不妨害生态环境的;
user-friendly adj. 用户界面友好的,用户容易掌握使用的;
friendly nation 友好国家,友邦;
ozone-friendly adj. 不破坏臭氧层的,不含破坏臭氧层的化学物质的;
Friendly Society 互助组织,互相保险协会,友谊社团;
friendly society 互助组织,互相保险协会,友谊社团;
environmental-friendly agriculture 生态农业;
green, high-tech and people friendly Olympic Games 绿色奥运,科技奥运,人文奥运;
user friendly 方便用户的;
friendly numbers 亲和数;
friendly software 友好软件;
friendly feeling 友谊感;
friendly treaty [法] 友好条约;
friendly suit [法] 友好诉讼;
friendly organizations 家庭式友好组织;
friendly state [法] 友好国家;
friendly troop [法] 友军;
user friendly system [医]用户友好系统;