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Once upon a time, there was a man who wanted to steal his neighbor’s doorbell(从前有一个人他想要偷邻居门上的铃),So he thought hard and suddenly hit on a clever “idea”(于是他就想到一个“好主意”),He plugged his ears with something、thinking that everything would go well when he stole the bell(他用东西塞住自己的耳朵,就听不见铃铛响了)。Unfortunately the bell still rang loudly and he was caught on the spot as a thief(不幸的是当他偷铃铛的时候、铃声依旧响起来了,他被主人当场抓住)。


Once upon a time、there was an old farmer who planted a plot of rice,After he planted the seedlings、every day he went to the field to watch the seedlings grow(从前有个农夫在种完稻草之后,就希望可以早早地收成), but still he thought they were growing too slowly(每天他都到稻田里查看,却发现那些稻苗长得非常慢)Eventually he got impatient with the young plants and suddenly he hit upon an idea that one by one, he pulled up the young plants by half an inch(想了又想他终于想到一个最佳的办法,他将稻苗都拔高了几公分),The next early morning、the young man couldn’t wait to check his “achievement”、but he was heart-broken to see all the pulled-up young plants dying(第二天早上他迫不及待去稻田里看他的“成果”,谁知道所有的稻苗都枯萎了)。


Three competing store owners rented adjoining shops in a mall. Observers waited for mayhem to ensue(三个互相争生意的老板在一条街上租用了相邻的商铺,然后旁观者就等着看好戏了)。The retailer on the right put up huge signs saying、"Gigantic Sale!" and "Super Bargains!"(右边的零售商挂了一个巨大的招牌,写着“大减价、特便宜”),The store on the left raised bigger signs proclaiming, "Prices Slashed!" and "Fantastic Discounts!"(左边的商店挂出了一个更大的招牌,声称“大砍价、打折扣”),The owner in the middle then prepared a large sign that simply stated, "ENTRANCE".(中间的商人随后准备了一个大招牌,只是简单地写着“入口处”)。