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ong long ago several people had a jar of wine among them and all of them wanted to drink it by himself(很久之前几个人分一壶酒喝,不过他们都想独自喝完这壶酒),So they set a rule that every one would draw a snakeon the ground and the man who finished first would have the wine.(于是他们就决定每个人在地上画上一条蛇,谁画的最快那么就赢得这壶酒)。One man finished his snake very soon and he was about to drink the wine when he saw the others were still busy drawing(有一个人很快就将蛇画好了,他打算喝这壶酒时看见别人还在忙着画), so he decided to draw the feet to the snake(于是他决定再给蛇再画上几只脚)。 However、 before he could finish the feet, another man finished and grabbed the jar from him(然而他的蛇脚还没有加上去,另外一个男人已经画好了。那个人将酒夺了过去), saying, "Who has ever seen a snake with feet?”(说有谁见过蛇长脚的)。The story of "Draw a snake and add feet to It.” tells us going too far is as bad as not going far enough(这个故事就是告诉我们做的过分和做的不够都是不对的)。


One day a crow stood on a branch near his nest and felt very happy with the meat in his mouth.(一天有一只乌鸦站在窝旁的树枝上、嘴里叼着一片肉,并且心里非常地高兴),At that time a fox saw the crow with the meat, so he swallowed and eagerly thought of a plan to get the meat(这时一只狐狸看见了乌鸦嘴里的肉,馋的是直流口水)。 However whatever the fox said to the crow, the crow just kept silent(然而无论狐狸说什么,乌鸦总是不予理睬)。Until the fox thought highly of the crow’s beautiful voice(最后狐狸赞美乌鸦的嗓音是最优美的), the crow felt flattered and opened his mouth to sing(并要求乌鸦唱几句让他欣赏一下)。As soon as the meat fell down to the ground, the fox took the meat and went into his hole(没想到肉一掉下来,狐狸就叼起肉钻回了洞里)。