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英音 [wel] 美音 [wɛl]


adv. 好;很;好意地;高高兴兴地;

adj. 健康的;井的;良好的;恰当的;

int. (用于表示惊讶,疑虑,接受等);

n. 泉;源泉;水井;

vi. (液体)涌出;流出;涌流;涌上;

vt. 涌出,喷出;


  1. a deep hole or shaft dug or drilled to obtain water or oil or gas or brine

  2. a cavity or vessel used to contain liquid

  3. an abundant source;

    "she was a well of information"

  4. an open shaft through the floors of a building (as for a stairway)

  5. an enclosed compartment in a ship or plane for holding something as e.g. fish or a plane's landing gear or for protecting something as e.g. a ship's pumps

  1. in good health especially after having suffered illness or injury;

    "appears to be entirely well"
    "the wound is nearly well"
    "a well man"
    "I think I'm well; at least I feel well"

  2. resulting favorably;

    "it's a good thing that I wasn't there"
    "it is good that you stayed"
    "it is well that no one saw you"
    "all's well that ends well"

  3. wise or advantageous and hence advisable;

    "it would be well to start early"

  1. (often used as a combining form) in a good or proper or satisfactory manner or to a high standard (`good' is a nonstandard dialectal variant for `well');

    "the children behaved well"
    "a task well done"
    "the party went well"
    "he slept well"
    "a well-argued thesis"
    "a well-seasoned dish"
    "a well-planned party"
    "the baby can walk pretty good"

  2. thoroughly or completely; fully; often used as a combining form;

    "The problem is well understood"
    "she was well informed"
    "shake well before using"
    "in order to avoid food poisoning be sure the meat is well cooked"
    "well-done beef"
    "well-satisfied customers"

  3. indicating high probability; in all likelihood;

    "I might well do it"
    "a mistake that could easily have ended in disaster"
    "you may well need your umbrella"
    "he could equally well be trying to deceive us"

  4. (used for emphasis or as an intensifier) entirely or fully;

    "a book well worth reading"
    "was well aware of the difficulties ahead"
    "suspected only too well what might be going on"

  5. to a suitable or appropriate extent or degree;

    "the project was well underway"
    "the fetus has well developed organs"
    "his father was well pleased with his grades"

  6. favorably; with approval;

    "their neighbors spoke well of them"
    "he thought well of the book"

  7. to a great extent or degree;

    "I'm afraid the film was well over budget"
    "painting the room white made it seem considerably (or substantially) larger"
    "the house has fallen considerably in value"
    "the price went up substantially"

  8. with great or especially intimate knowledge;

    "we knew them well"

  9. with prudence or propriety;

    "You would do well to say nothing more"
    "could not well refuse"

  10. with skill or in a pleasing manner;

    "she dances well"
    "he writes well"

  11. in a manner affording benefit or advantage;

    "she married well"
    "The children were settled advantageously in Seattle"

  12. in financial comfort;

    "They live well"
    "she has been able to live comfortably since her husband died"

  13. without unusual distress or resentment; with good humor;

    "took the joke well"
    "took the tragic news well"

  1. come up, as of a liquid;

    "Tears well in her eyes"
    "the currents well up"

Blackwell 布莱克威尔,安托瓦妮特·路易萨·布朗((1825-1921) 美国社会改革家。第一位被正式任命(1852年)的女性牧师,她倡导废除黑奴制度、禁酒和妇女权利);
Boswell n. 为密友写传记的人,为名人详细记述言行的人;
Bothwell 波斯维尔(苏格兰新教贵族和苏格兰女王玛丽的第三任丈夫,他谋杀了玛丽的第二任丈夫达因利勋爵(1567年)。无罪开释后,他与玛丽结婚后不久被流放,在丹麦死于监狱中);
Bowell 鲍威尔,马更些((1823-1917) 英国裔加拿大总理(1894-1896年),后来领导保守党反对派(1896-1906年));
Caldwell 考德威尔(姓氏);
Chigwell [地名] [澳大利亚、津巴布韦、英国] 奇格韦尔;
Conwell [人名] [爱尔兰姓氏] 康韦尔 McConville的变体;
Cromwell 克伦威尔(姓氏);
Ewell 尤厄尔(姓氏);
Farewell n. 告别,欢送;欢送会;告别辞; int. 再见,再会;一路平安; adj. 告别的,送行的;
Hopewell [人名] 霍普韦尔;[地名] [加拿大、美国、牙买加] 霍普韦尔;
Lowell n. 洛厄尔(Lovell的异体)(m.);
MacDowell 麦克道尔(姓氏);
Maxwell n. 麦(克斯韦)(磁通量单位);
McDowell 麦克道尔(姓氏) Irvin,欧文·麦克道尔(1818-1885)美国南北战争时联邦军将领;
Motherwell [人名] 马瑟韦尔;[地名] [英国] 马瑟韦尔;
Orwell 奥韦尔(姓氏; George,本名 Eric Blair, 1903-1950,英国小说家及散文家);
Powell 鲍威尔(姓氏; Cecil Frank, 1903-1969,英国物理学家,曾获1950年诺贝尔物理学奖);
Rockwell [人名] [英格兰人姓氏] 罗克韦尔住所名称,来源于古英语,含义是“白嘴鸦+树林,或泉,溪流”(rook+wood,or spring,stream);[地名] [美国] 罗克韦尔;
Roswell [人名] 罗斯韦尔;[地名] [美国] 罗斯韦尔;
Sewell [男子名] [英格兰人姓氏] 休厄尔来源于中世纪英语教名+古英语,含义是“胜利,海+统治”(victory,sea+rule);[人名] [英格兰人姓氏] 休厄尔住所名称,来源于古英语,含义是“七+泉”(seven+spring);[地名] [美国、智利] 苏埃尔;
Shadwell [人名] [英格兰人姓氏] 沙德韦尔住所名称,来源于古英语,含义是“浅滩,或边界+泉,溪流”(shallow,or boundary+spring,stream);[地名] [美国] 沙德韦尔;
Sitwell 西特韦尔(姓氏);
Stilwell [人名] 史迪威;[地名] [美国] 史迪威;
dwell vi. 居住;存在于;细想某事;
farewell n. 告别,欢送;欢送会;告别辞; int. 再见,再会;一路平安; adj. 告别的,送行的;
gromwell n. 紫草属植物(尤指药用紫草);
groundswell (飓风和地震引起的)海啸,浅水长涌;
indwell vi. (精神、原则等)永存; vt. (精神上)存在;(导管、针等长期在体内)置留;
inkwell n. 墨水池;
maxwell n. 麦(克斯韦)(磁通量单位);
speedwell n. 婆婆纳属的植物;
stairwell n. 楼梯井;
swell vt.& vi. 增强;肿胀;膨胀;充满(激情); n. 汹涌;重要人士;(尤指身体部位)凸起的形状;声音渐强; adj. 极好的;了不起的;非常棒的;
unwell adj. 不舒服的;有病的;〈婉辞〉月经期的;不适;
upwell vi. (水等)上涌;
welladay int. 呜呼!哀哉!;
wellaway int. 呜呼,哀哉;
wellborn adj. 出身名门的;

Well fed,well bred. st. 吃得饱,懂礼貌。;
exploratory well 探井;
well-mannered adj. 有礼貌的;
well-informed adj. 消息灵通的;见多识广的;熟悉的;博识的;
well-heeled adj. 富有的,穿着考究的;
accelerating well 补偿油井;
well-preserved adj. 保存得很好的,还很新的,很会保养身体的;
gas well n. 天然气井;
overflow well 溢流井;
neutralizing well 中和槽;
relief well n. 救援井;减压井;
Well fed,well bred 吃得饱懂礼貌;
ink well 墨水水池;
well posed 适定的;
well-spent adj. 使用得当的;
output well 输出井;
well-formedness [计] 合适性,合式性;
cupola well 冲天炉炉缸;
well grading 良级配;
well-weighed adj. 经斟酌的,经慎重考虑的;